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Transaction Coordination for Agents On-The-Go


Transaction Management

From Start to Finish
Backing You With BackAgent

While you are busy nailing down leads and converting clients, we can help leverage your time by:

  • Creating/Updating Contacts and Transactions

  • Making sure Transactions are in the correct status and easily searchable

  • Uploading your signed documents

  • Inputting your accepted offer details

  • Getting your signed documents for final approval

We'll take care of the ins and outs of BackAgent so that you can spend LESS time with hunting down files and uploading paperwork and MORE time with your clients and getting the deal DONE

Documents via DotLoop

Needing to get standard listing or buyer documents to your clients for signature? We've got you covered. 

With our templated standard forms, our team is able to get your paperwork prepped for signature quickly and efficiently.  Our process ensures that multiple sets of eyes are on your paperwork at all times to ensure accuracy and meeting Compliance standards. Once everything has been verified as correct, we will get your documents sent to your clients for e-signature.

Have a client that ONLY wet-signs? No problem! We are able to provide a PDF copy of your documents that are pre-filled with all of the necessary information for quick printing so you can Stress Less and Do More.

Efficient Communication

What's my next step?

Where do I send my earnest and option money to?

Do you have a copy of the SDN?

My cap has rolled over and this closing has been extended.

Did we get an executed copy of that amendment?

I need the full receipt page.

Please provide a copy of your DA.

Which title company are we using?

Who's the loan officer?

The sales price has changed.

Clients can't remember what their next steps are after going under contract? Is the other agent asking for the loan officer's information? Need a document that hasn't come back from the other side yet? The title company is asking for a copy of your DA? Are you on-the-road to yet another showing and just don't have time to sit down at your computer to fire away a slew of emails?

We get it. There are a lot of people involved in a transaction and communication is key to having a smooth closing.  That's where we can help.  

Throughout the transaction, you can count on consistent communication between parties via:

  • An Under Contract email to introduce all non-client parties involved in the transaction; the other agent, escrow officer, loan officer, and any cc's that may be necessary

  • A Client Info email to the title company and loan officer so that they can begin their processes required to get the transaction closed

  • A Congratulations! You're Under Contract email to your clients detailing the transaction timeline and their next steps

  • Weekly Check-In emails to the other agent, escrow officer, and loan officer to make sure everything is on track for a smooth closing

  • A Please Review DA Prep email to you in order to ensure that we request your CORRECT commission amount

  • A DA to Title email once the file has been approved by Compliance and your CDA has been received from Compliance so that we can get you PAID at CLOSING. 

Additionally, we know that sometimes things are missing or have changed. In those instances we are also here to:

  • Request the full receipt page from title

  • Request documents from the other agent

  • Send completed and executed amendments to all parties

  • Requesting updated DAs due to changes in sales price, cap rollovers prior to closing, etc.

  • Sending revised DAs to title

We want you to focus on elevating your business, so we're here to help maintain effective and efficient communication through our templated emails.  We will be sure to cc you on ALL communications. 

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Call Zoe LLC is a limited liability company registered in Texas and is not a staff member of Designer Realty. This information is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.

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